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In their own words...

"...before i found Rob I had tried all conventional medical methods to solve acute breathing problems while running,with no improvement. Rob quickly realised I wasn't using my ribs to breath and I was only using the top half of my lungs. After a few appointments I felt I was breathing totally differently. I am now able to train properly again - what a difference!.."


E. Dudgeon



"...For 7 years rob gauld has tailored his pilates course to suit my varied needs, this has resulted in such physical flexibility that my friends are joining his course. My wife who had a stroke benefited from this pilates course..."


WFC Octogenarian


"...I was recommended to Rob following several years, off and on physio to sort out a recurring calf injury. I had been receiving the usual treatments and running was restricted to a few months here and there, followed by further calf problems. I was caught up in a spiral until Rob checked out my posture and leg alignment. A revelation. I could be fixed and without immediate physio.

Rob was able to quickly determine some fundamental bio-mechanical problems which he quickly commenced to put right. After the first sessions realignment and my following his recommended pilates stretches and strengthening suggestions I was running again. Within a couple of sessions I was running well and now visit only for minor checkup and adjustment.

Rob has a knack of explaining the running action in relation to bio mechanics in a no nonsense way which makes perfect sense. Full of confidence and optimism which rubs off on the client, you should not wait until you are injured before booking a consultation. Get an MOT now!!!..."


S Cochrane



'....after years of seeing different physios to try and fix recurring back pain, I was eventually referred to Rob.

Rob was the first person who listened and actually helped me get over injuries by moving properly. I always feel refreshed and relaxed after a session.

Working with Rob has completely changed my life and I can now run and bike faster and further. I trust Rob's judgement and advice and cannot recommend his sessions enough..'


P Mollard